neko-rooms is an open-source project simulator browser for n.eko advanced version.

I previously wrote an article Open Source Project n.eko Simulates a Web Browser Using Docker. These past two days, I spent 50RMB to purchase a $100 account from Linodes.

At that time, I was trying to create an xlog, but due to limited ability, I couldn't do it and had to do something else. I tinker with certain things simply because I enjoy the thrill of tinkering and I record them in case I need them in the future. Of course, all of this is because I have too much free time...

One-Click Script#

GitHub: https://github.com/m1k1o/neko-rooms

Official one-click installation script:

wget -O neko-rooms.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/m1k1o/neko-rooms/master/traefik/install
sudo bash neko-rooms.sh

This script installs the environment, applies for domain certificates, and integrates reverse proxy. Before using it, install a Docker environment, then directly point the domain name to the server and proceed with the operation.
I use the Debian system and then wget the script to modify some browser configurations that need to be set.
For more details, see: https://neko.m1k1o.net/#/getting-started/

You only need to modify the ssh script: NEKO_IMAGES=(m1k1o/neko:firefox m1k1o/neko:chromium m1k1o/neko:google-chrome). At that time, I wanted to add a Tor browser to see its smoothness.

In fact, it is much smoother than using Next Terminal jumpboard to connect to an RDP.

Note that if you want to use the Tor browser, although the built-in bridge application function can apply for it, it generally cannot be connected. At this time, you can use the local Tor browser to apply for a bridge, or go to: https://bridges.torproject.org/bridges?transport=obfs4. Both methods can only apply for two bridges at a time. Download the Brave browser, go to settings to apply for bridges, and you can apply for three at a time, and the speed is still good!

Program Screenshots#

Open Source Project neko-rooms Simulated Browser n.eko Advanced Version
Open Source Project neko-rooms Simulated Browser n.eko Advanced Version
Open Source Project neko-rooms Simulated Browser n.eko Advanced Version

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