The open-source project n.eko uses Docker to simulate a web browser.

Welcome to Neko, a self-hosted virtual browser that runs and uses WebRTC technology in Docker. Neko is a powerful tool that allows you to run a fully functional browser in a virtual environment, enabling you to securely and privately access the internet from anywhere.

Setup Tutorial:#

GitHub: https://github.com/m1k1o/neko/
In my testing, it tends to interrupt every few minutes!

First, prepare a server with a minimum of 2h2g, and install Docker and Docker-Compose: https://a8dog.com/post/NVEpVnWHF/

Then, execute the following commands:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/m1k1o/neko/master/docker-compose.yaml
sudo docker-compose up -d

You can refer to the official documentation: https://neko.m1k1o.net/#/getting-started/examples for customization!

Just edit the docker-compose.yaml file according to the documentation!
Access the service using the IP address and port 8080, with the default username and password: neko

One-Click Script I Created#

wget https://i.a8dog.com/sh/neko.sh && chmod +x neko.sh && clear && ./neko.sh
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