Own these websites for endless free 4k movie resources (continuously updated)

Recently, "Joy of Life 2" is hot, it's good to watch but only super VIP can watch one episode in advance, don't want to pay to recharge, and some overseas film and television works also require different platforms for payment and scientific internet access.

After playing Xiaoya Alist, I started to like watching some excellent 4k film and television works, but Xiaoya Alist's resources are still not very complete and the updates are not very timely. So I found some websites that share free cloud storage, making it more convenient to search for resources.


Xiaoya Alist#

GitHub: https://github.com/DDS-Derek/xiaoya-alist

One-click script can build Xiaoya Alist by yourself using Docker, or Emby full set. Some people have been saying that external mounting of Ali cloud disk may incur charges, I am not very clear about this. Recently, I have been saving it in Ali cloud disk for download and playback.

ED3000 Resource Repository#

Address: https://www.kdocs.cn/l/cclfgcfhFUZx

A document sharing site for Ali cloud disk resources hosted on Kingsoft Docs, you can directly search for the resources you want using CTRL+F.

There is also an ED3000 cloud disk search site: https://www.ed3000.com/ (not sure if they are the same)

Ali Xiaozhan#

Address: https://pan666.cn/ or https://pan666.net/

This should be known to more people, it also has Xiaozhan Pan Search: https://www.xzso.net/ focusing on sharing Ali cloud disk resources. I find Ali cloud disk quite good to use, only 8 yuan a month for the first 3 months for newcomers, with 8TB of storage space.

Cloud Storage Resource Sharing Community#

Address: https://www.yunpan1.cc/

Both Ali and Quark cloud disk resources are available, personally I feel that Quark cloud disk is quite good, if you save the cloud disk resource link shared by others, when they update it, your side will also be synchronized updated, Ali currently seems to not have this function.

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