How to make Google leave a trace? Google leaves 260 links txt for free sharing.

Google tracking technology is to leave traces of queries on high-authority websites, and then use a spider pool to gather all these page links together, quickly allowing Google spiders to crawl and index them.

This Google tracking was collected and deduplicated by me in early March, and personally tested to be effective. If you don't understand what Google tracking is, please take a look at the screenshots below:


For example, for those who do Google tracking, do you think they would share it with others? I can definitely use it myself, but I always believe that the greatest spirit of the Internet is free sharing (including open source).

Sharing makes me happy, and I am also happy while enjoying others' sharing.


Open the TXT document and search for 【keywords】 to replace with the keywords and promotional website you want to promote, preferably in a more diverse format.
For example: Google tracking test 【a8dog.com】, Google tracking TXT 【a8dog.com】, Google fast ranking 【a8dog.com】, etc.

Then promote the links through a paid spider pool or your own spider pool to achieve indexing. In my tests, the indexing speed was also very fast.
Let me address a few questions that you may have.

Question: What is the indexing speed and probability? Answer: This depends on the quality of the spider pool.
Question: How is the ranking situation? Answer: This still depends on the keywords. The probability of ranking higher for keywords that have already been tracked is lower, after all, everyone is using similar websites for tracking. From the perspective of search engines, my website has already ranked up. The ranking of newly indexed websites under the same keyword depends on many factors.
Question: Can I get traffic? Answer: I was able to get traffic in my tests, but it still depends on the quality of the keywords. If your keywords have less competition, and you dominate the rankings for those keywords, then most of the traffic for those keywords will be yours.

Finally, I'll give you a tip. To generate traffic, both the quality of the keywords and the quality of the spider pool need to be good. The quality of the keywords determines how much traffic you can get, and the quality of the spider pool determines whether you can successfully dominate the rankings and capture traffic.

Download link: Google Drive

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