Hello Gridea

👏 Welcome to Gridea!
✍️ Gridea is a static blog writing client. You can use it to record your life, emotions, knowledge, notes, ideas... ...

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📝 You can use the coolest Markdown syntax for fast writing

🌉 You can add beautiful cover images to your articles and insert images anywhere in the article

🏷️ You can group articles by tags

📋 You can customize menus, even create external link menus

💻 You can use this client on Windows, MacOS, or Linux devices

🌎 You can showcase your work to the world using GitHub Pages or Coding Pages, and more platforms will be supported in the future

💬 You can easily configure and integrate Gitalk or DisqusJS comment systems

🇬🇧 You can use Simplified Chinese or English

🌁 You can use the default themes provided or any third-party themes, with powerful theme customization capabilities

🖥 You can customize the source folder and synchronize across multiple devices using OneDrive, Baidu Cloud, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.

🌱 Of course, Gridea is still young and has many shortcomings, but please believe that it will keep moving forward 🏃

In the future, it will definitely become an indispensable partner for you.

Unleash your talent!

😘 Enjoy~

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