Replaced the blog program xLog open source blockchain blog.

When using Gridea, I always write articles in the client, generate static files, and then upload them to Cloudflare. At the beginning, I wrote fewer articles, but there were some small problems that needed to be modified. It felt very troublesome to repeat these operations over and over again. I didn't want to use a server to build a website, so I chose xLog!

I feel that xLog is particularly cool, and the UI is also very good, but the publishing speed is a bit slow.
Another thing is that when editing articles, it's annoying to have the "live preview" feature enabled by default. I have to manually disable it every time.```

Although Gridea also provides a web version, I have been using it for a year, but I feel that it is too minimalist and the writing experience is not that good.
The front-end template looked okay at first, but it didn't look good later on. Now I use it to write some random thoughts.

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