Using Workers to build two web proxies for anonymous internet access.

Using online web proxies not only allows for anonymous internet access, but also enables us to accelerate access to foreign servers from within the Great Firewall!
Building with Cloudflare's Workers is free and very simple and practical!

1. siteproxy#

Download the JavaScript file from GitHub: https://github.com/netptop/siteproxy/tree/master/build

Open the Cloudflare official website and log in to your account. Find Workers and add a service, then click on Quick Edit.
Paste the JavaScript file into it and search for "siteproxy.netptop.workers.dev" to replace it with your own domain.

Workers - Triggers - Custom Domain (you can add a custom domain for your service, so you don't have to use the default Cloudflare domain. Note: Your domain must already be hosted on Cloudflare.)
Then search for "www.netptop.com" and replace it with the homepage domain you want to display. If you replace it with "www.baidu.com", then when you open this proxy service, it will display the Baidu page.

This way, we can create our own homepage and achieve the effect of a custom homepage by replacing it.

2. Hideipnetwork#

This was introduced in a previous article, Hideipnetwork: Node.js + services workers-based online web proxy.

To set it up, you need to use Pages+Workers, but you can also use Workers alone!

Open workers-bare.js and replace the code on line 5 with the domain you want to proxy.

const MIRROR_URL = 'github.com';

If you're proxying small web pages without complex reverse proxy and anti-leech logic, both of the above methods can be used.
If you want to watch YouTube, it is recommended to use the second method, as the proxying is more perfect.

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