VPN Matryoshka multiple concealment of your IP

I previously wanted to use a Raspberry Pi as a bypass router to connect to the internet through multiple VPNs: https://a8dog.com/post/aDQ2v9Mf-/, but it ended in failure! Now, I have found another method to nest VPNs and highly conceal my own IP.


Tools used in this issue: Proxifier and two VPN software, one for international connection and one for domestic connection.
I will only explain the concept and then tell you how I did it. I won't go into detail about the specific steps.

Proxifier is a software that forces certain applications to use specified proxies.


You need to use two VPN proxy software, which I will refer to as VPN-1 and VPN-2 in this article!

Start VPN-1 and use the international connection node. Do not enable the global proxy function, only use the http or socks proxy function inside.
Then, start Proxifier and force VPN-2 software to use the proxy of VPN-1. Please Google how to use Proxifier!

Next, start VPN-2 and use the domestic connection node. Enable the global proxy mode!
This way, the network mode is: local network - VPN-1 international connection node - Proxifier forces VPN-2 to connect through VPN-1 - VPN-2 domestic connection node - Internet.

VPN-2 is exposed to the outer layer and must use the domestic connection node, because only the domestic connection node can connect to overseas networks.
Alternatively, if you use the same airport service for both VPN software, some airports do not block their own servers, but this is rare!

My Setup#

I use v2ray-u and clashx software on my Mac, with one international connection node and one domestic connection node!

Open v2ray-u and import the domestic connection node. Do not enable system proxy. The default proxy ports for the software are 1080 and 1087.
Start Proxifier and force clashx to use the proxy at or

Then, import the domestic connection node in clashx and enable system proxy!
Similarly, if you use clash on another device, enable LAN connection and find the IP address of that device.

Use the LAN IP + 7890 port for clashx, and I tested that the 1082 port of iOS's Shadowrocket can also be used.
This way, you don't need to use two proxy software.

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