Changed domain name and integrated content

When using Gridea, in order to write articles conveniently without disturbing the old blog, I registered a new domain.
Then I found it inconvenient to switch between browser users and Gridea directories every time, so I integrated the two contents together!

The integrated blog doesn't have many articles, but I also put effort into writing them. It's not like this blog where I can understand what's going on just by writing casually!
The newly registered domain is a8dog.com. I originally wanted to register a8.al, but my credit card doesn't support it, and I'm too lazy to go through the process.

I can't manage the old domain either. The verification method I previously bound has also been lost, and it still has several years until expiration, so I'll just wait for it to expire.
Changing the domain requires me to reconfigure many content links in the blog, but I'm too lazy to do it, so it will stay like this!

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