Build a platform similar to the xLog blog.

Anyway, xLog is open source. Sometimes when I access xLog, it lags, so I wanted to have a login management platform, so I tried to set it up myself.


Prepare a server and a domain name. The higher the server configuration, the better. When I first tested it, I used a 4h8g server, which was not as powerful as a u, and it was very laggy to play with. Soon my memory was full.

I set it up directly according to the official GitHub documentation: https://github.com/Crossbell-Box/xLog/blob/dev/CONTRIBUTING.md I just played around blindly...

Start building#

Deploy server environment#

As usual, I used Centos7 and directly installed a Baota.

yum install -y wget && wget -O install.sh http://io.bt.sy/install/install_6.0.sh && sh install.sh

I used the Baota Happy Edition here: https://bt.sy/bbs/thread-20606-1-1.html

After installing Baota, log in directly and install Nginx. After installation, click on Website-Node Project-Install Node Version Manager.

Then click on Node Version Manager-registry source to set it to official-Update software list-Install version v16.20.2 (other versions are also available, I just used this one)

Then set the command line version to the version just installed, and then click on Modules to add a pnpm module.

Docker installation#

One-click installation script:

wget https://i.a8dog.com/sh/docker.sh && chmod +x docker.sh && clear && ./docker.sh

Deploy xLog#

SSH connect to the server and execute the following command:

git clone https://github.com/Crossbell-Box/xLog.git
cd xLog

Baota opens /root/xLog, copies the contents of .env.example, and then creates a .env file and pastes it in.

Then find the 7th line NEXT_PUBLIC_OUR_DOMAIN=localhost:2222 and change localhost:2222 to your domain name. If you use an IP, skip it.

Install pnpm#

Execute the installation code:

wget -qO- https://get.pnpm.io/install.sh | sh -

Then close the SSH connection and log in again to take effect.


cd xLog
pnpm i

Run the database through docker-compose: pnpm docker:db

Initialize the database: pnpm prisma:migrate:dev

At this point, the deployment is basically complete. Let's go back to the Baota website-Node project-Add Node project.

Project directory /root/xLog/ Set the startup option to dev [next -p 2222] The project port is 2222, and the running user is set to root, otherwise it will not start and will report an error.

Screenshot 2023-08-25 05.41.32

You can bind a domain name for external access, or you can use the dark web domain name I mentioned earlier Build a Dark Web Site or Reverse Proxy Using Baota for dark web access.

Friendly reminder#

It requires a high configuration. At first, I set it up with 4h8g, which was very difficult. Later, I set it up with 6h16g, and it was even more laggy. There have been some strange accesses in the logs...
If you can set it up without lagging and want to read other people's articles, you can use wildcard resolution.

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