Raspberry Pi 4B used as a bypass router for global internet access.

A long time ago, I bought a Raspberry Pi without knowing what to do with it. I just flashed a system on it and installed a control panel.
It has been sitting idle for a while, so recently I took it out to study and use it as a bypass router.


Disclaimer: I don't have much knowledge or experience with software routers and bypass routers!

Since I wanted to use it as a software router, the steps for internet access would be: Local Network - Software Router Node - Computer Node - Internet.
I powered the Raspberry Pi with an Ethernet cable and connected my computer to its Wi-Fi network.

However, I found out that it didn't work as expected. After some research, I learned that I needed to purchase a separate network card for the software router.
There is a video tutorial that explains it in detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyQjjgOfPnQ.

After setting it up, I realized that it still didn't achieve the desired effect of connecting to the router node and accessing the internet. I asked for help and received the following answer:


At this point, the Raspberry Pi is back to being idle. I guess I'm just not used to using it.

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