Three versions of Baota Happy Edition, Baota Enterprise Edition, and Communication have been separated.

It's not that we don't support genuine versions. When I was tinkering, I pursued speed. After installing Baota, I still need to log in with my phone number.
Previously, it was exposed that user information was being collected and other operations were being performed, which made me unable to use it anymore.
The Happy Edition has been separated from Baota's communication and can still enjoy the functions of the Enterprise Edition for free!

The one-click script I integrated#

wget https://i.a8dog.com/sh/bt.sh && chmod +x bt.sh && clear && ./bt.sh

I integrated the following three versions, including the Happy Edition and the official version, and added the functions to display system information and uninstall the Baota panel!

1. Baota Pure Edition#

The version is relatively old and the built-in plugins are also outdated. The Baota version is 7.6.0.
Official website: https://www.hostcli.com/

2. Baota Happy Edition#

Follow the official version for updates, and the update speed is relatively fast.
All plugins are up to date, and the functions of the Enterprise Edition are fully unlocked.
Official website: https://bt.sy/bbs/ (Not accessible from mainland China)

3. bt88 Enterprise Edition#

The version is also relatively new, and it is a version I recently discovered.
It has the same functions as the second one, but I haven't experienced it myself.
Official website: https://download.bt88.app/

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