PanDownload Web Replica Version Baidu Cloud Disk Unlimited Speed Analysis Download

The article I wrote before, "Baidu Netdisk Unlimited Speed Parsing and Downloading," received comments from netizens saying that it was no longer working. So, I found an open-source program that can parse and download!


This is the previously popular PanDownload web replica. It retrieves file information from the netdisk using curl and displays it on the webpage after processing. By using the API interface and the SVIP account's cookie (BDUSS), it obtains high-speed download links. Essentially, it uses a member account to obtain the download address and send it to visitors.

For example, if several people share a Baidu Netdisk membership, they can use this method to parse and download files together.


GitHub: https://github.com/yuantuo666/baiduwp-php
You only need a regular PHP environment to set it up. I haven't personally tested its specific functions!


  • It uses Curl, so please make sure you have installed Curl and its PHP plugin before using it.
  • It uses SESSION, so pay attention to PHP's access permission to system files or directories.
  • It only supports PHP 7 and 7+!
  • In general, there should be no issues with the web version. If it fails on the first use, it is usually due to configuration issues.
  • If it becomes invalid after using it for a while, it is usually due to account expiration (clicking the logout button will invalidate the cookies obtained during that login session, and changing the password will invalidate all cookies obtained by the current account) or server IP ban (after parsing a large number of files, this issue may occur, with a threshold of approximately several tens of TB). If the method of obtaining download links becomes invalid, this project will be closed.
  • Methods to handle download speed limits:
    • Try resharing the file. Some files may have strange issues, and some file names may also cause problems.
    • Wait patiently for the account to be unblocked.
    • Change the background SVIP account.
    • Change the server IP.
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