Make sure to modify the port when opening a new server.

Just a quick note, today I set up a new Windows server, and it was working fine at first, but later on, it showed client refusal to connect.
After investigation, it was found that someone had been attempting to brute-force the password, which resulted in the account being locked.

Change the remote port of the server and open the port: https://a8dog.com/post/175/


I have always used a jump server for management, and initially, I thought the server traffic was too heavy, preventing me from logging in. (It seems that the traffic is provided based on the server's operating time, 9GB per hour)

Then, when I tried logging in using a Windows computer, I finally discovered the reason. When setting up a new Linux server, the port also needs to be changed!
Anyway, now whenever a service provider sets up a new machine for me, as long as it uses the default port, there will be brute-force password attacks coming in!

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