Cross-chain USDT to XMR (Monero) Mixer User Guide

In a previous article How to Safely Wash U Mixer Coins and Safely Wash U Out Gold Method, I introduced a mixer that I personally experienced. However, the loss in it was too high, so now I recommend a new platform to everyone!

When washing U coins, please chooseTelegram@A7_188

Previously recommended Mixing Cash, when I tested it today, it took 160 USDT to exchange for 1 XMR, and when I wrote the article, it was 160 to exchange for 0.9996.

By purchasing 1 XMR with 160 USDT and then exchanging it for USDT on the exchange, you can exchange it for 153.22 USDT, which is a loss of about 6.8 USDT. I calculated that with 16,000 USDT, this trip would result in a loss of over 4,000 RMB.

Then I found two new platforms, one is ccs cash: https://ccs.cash/zh. I feel that this one is the same as Mixing Cash, with similar Google promotion and UI. When I tested it, it was also 160 for one XMR, and when I wrote the article, it was 159.

In fact, the loss is similar to Mixing Cash, but it has a feature that Mixing Cash doesn't have. It sends different chains and different currencies back to you.


This is when I feel like it's a mixer, the others can only be considered cross-chain exchanges.

Another platform is more cost-effective, it's Changelly: https://changelly.com/zh. When you search for Changelly on Google, there will be a dropdown term: Changelly scam.

I'm not very clear about this platform either. When testing it, Changelly was 155 USDT for one XMR, and when exchanged on the exchange, it was 152.4 USDT, with a loss of 2.6 USDT. I also calculated with 16,000 USDT, and it only requires a loss of 1,800 RMB.

Loss is unavoidable, no matter which exchange function you use, except for the exchange function of the exchange (I'm not very clear, anyway, depositing coins to the exchange and then exchanging for USDT shows 0 fees).

Finally, I would like to give you some tips. If you need to exchange large amounts, please use it in batches. Don't transfer a large amount at once, as these platforms may run away or take advantage of you. I have been using Mixing Cash among the three platforms mentioned above, and I have only tested the other two platforms with small amounts.

I will use Changelly later, after all, it has the smallest loss.

Important Supplement#

After I wrote the article, I just started using Changelly to test 100 USDT, and there was no problem. You just need to register an account. After that, I exchanged 1000 USDT, but it didn't work. It started its disgusting operation, requiring KYC. Whether your KYC fails or succeeds, they will send you an email asking for proof of funds and other documents. At first, I provided purchase records and then they asked for proof of funds records, which I also provided. Later, they said that the documents cannot be without proof. At that time, I remembered the dropdown term: Changelly scam, so I searched it. Everyone can see it for themselves. Others have had how much funds seized. Later, in the Telegram group, I also encountered a brother who had 20,000 USDT seized. He said someone helped him with it, but he had to pay.

My 1000 USDT is not a lot, but when exchanged for RMB and used in real life, I can eat, drink, and have fun. At first, I planned not to do it, after all, I'm a person who dislikes trouble, and dealing with these things is very troublesome. But the more I thought about it, the more angry I became, so I replied to the email that if the USDT doesn't arrive in my account within ten minutes, we will proceed with legal proceedings and I will expose your malicious seizure behavior to the media.

Later, I sent an email to their partner company and left messages on their various platforms, and then there were all sorts of chaotic operations. Later, customer service said these things to me.


Fortunately, customer service still completed the exchange for me and sent the coins to my account.

Mixer Supplement#

simpleswap: https://simpleswap.io/

This also supports the exchange of USDT for XMR. When testing this platform on May 5th, I shorted XMR overnight, but the price remained strong during the day, and the exchange price was around 155.6. Then I tested that 159 could exchange for one XMR, but actually received 0.9939 because XMR rose slightly when I submitted the exchange.

This platform is slightly higher compared to Changelly. When I tested it, Changelly only required 158 USDT. But I don't recommend everyone to use Changelly anymore.

For more mixers, please see: https://zh.altapps.net/soft/changelly

simpleswap rant#

Continuing to short XMR on May 6th, I added to my position overnight and continued to do so. I used simpleswap to exchange XMR to my wallet. The first time was 1600 USDT, and the second time was 2000 USDT. The first time took 12 minutes for me to receive the confirmation of the transaction. At the time of writing this, the second transaction has not yet arrived, and it has been 22 minutes. During these minutes, XMR has been falling. I checked on the blockchain and found that the USDT was sent to an empty wallet and then sent to a Binance address. It seems that it is exchanged from Binance and then sent to me.

Because XMR has fallen during these minutes, it feels like it's waiting to see if it will fall further. The more it falls, the more it earns from the exchange.

After writing this paragraph, XMR still hasn't arrived. I don't know if it's going to require KYC again, but I saw on their official website that if the customer doesn't cooperate with KYC, they will send the USDT back.

After more than twenty minutes, it finally arrived.

When washing U coins, please chooseTelegram@A7_188

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