Fastest Cloudreve Deployment Tutorial + Aria2 Offline Download

There are various tutorials for building, and there are different optimization methods and construction methods according to different usage scenarios. I will introduce you to the simplest construction tutorial.


Cloudreve allows you to quickly build a public and private cloud storage system. Cloudreve supports different cloud storage platforms at the underlying level, so users do not need to worry about the physical storage method when using it. You can use Cloudreve to build a personal cloud storage, file sharing system, or a public cloud system for large groups.

Construction Tutorial:#

GitHub: https://github.com/cloudreve/Cloudreve/
Official Website: https://cloudreve.org/
Official Documentation: https://docs.cloudreve.org/

Building Cloudreve#

Download the source file from GitHub: https://github.com/cloudreve/Cloudreve/releases/
Usually, the file used is cloudreve_xxx_linux_amd64.tar.gz. Download and extract it.

If you encounter file permission issues, go to the file directory and execute:
chmod +x ./cloudreve

Then execute:

At this time, the account password will appear, so we save it.

Install Baota and Install Supervisor#

After installing the Baota panel, search for Supervisor in the application store.
Add a process guardian, the directory is the Cloudreve directory, and the startup command is the program directory + ./cloudreve

# Example
# Program directory

# Startup command

Building Aria2 Offline Download#

One-click script:

wget -N git.io/aria2.sh && chmod +x aria2.sh  && ./aria2.sh

After installation, go directly to the Cloudreve background settings!

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