Dockge: A beautiful and user-friendly Docker Compose management platform

dockge: A beautiful and easy-to-use Docker Compose management platform. This project provides a web interface for managing the docker-compose.yaml file. It is ready to use, with a beautiful interface design, supports interactive editing of the compose.yaml file, updating docker images, as well as starting, stopping, restarting, and deleting docker operations.

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Installation Guide:#

Github: https://github.com/louislam/dockge

First, install Docker and Docker-Compose. You can use the Docker one-click installation script.

Then, execute the following command to install Dockge:

mkdir -p /opt/stacks /opt/dockge
cd /opt/dockge
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/louislam/dockge/master/compose.yaml --output compose.yaml
docker compose up -d

Open IP+5001 port to access and manage Dockge. Interestingly, the UI is the same as Uptime Kuma.

Update Dockge:#

cd /opt/dockge
docker compose pull && docker compose up -d
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