Hideipnetwork is an online web proxy based on Node.js + service workers.

Hideipnetwork can perfectly access YouTube and theoretically proxy any WEB online.
Achieve anonymous internet access!

Hideipnetwork can be deployed completely for free, only requiring a Cloudflare account.
No need for servers, just use Cloudflare's Pages+Workers.
GitHub: https://github.com/Hideipnetwork/hideipnetwork-web

Hideipnetwork Screenshots:#


Setup Tutorial:#

First, let's prepare a Cloudflare account and host a domain on Cloudflare.
Set the language to Chinese in the top right corner!

Create a Workers and kv#

Open the Cloudflare website: https://dash.cloudflare.com/
After logging in to your account, there is a Workers on the right side, click to enter and you can create it.
After creation, in the Workers submenu, there is a kv, we create a kv named: BARE

Bind kv bucket and deploy Workers#

Click on the Overview of the Workers submenu and click on the Workers we just created.
Click on Settings-Variables-KV Namespace Binding, we need to set them all to BARE that we just filled in.

Then find Quick Edit, and copy the code from workers-bare.js into it.

Then go back to the previous page, find the triggers, and add a custom domain.
Add our domain, our domain must be hosted on Cloudflare, just enter our domain, a subdomain is fine.

Deploy Pages#

Download the author's source file: https://github.com/Hideipnetwork/hideipnetwork-web
Unzip it and find the server/server.config.js file, edit the fourth line and fill in the Workers domain we just deployed.
The main format is https://xxx.com After editing, compress the file into a zip file.

const BAREURL = 'https://yourdomain'

In the left sidebar, find Pages, create a project and set it to direct upload, upload our compressed package.
Click on Pages in the sidebar, click on the project we created, find Settings-Functions-Service Binding.

Add a variable named BARE and select the Workers we just created for the service, select production for the environment.
Then find the custom domain and add a domain so that we can use it.

The one I built myself: already down!
Author's: https://hideip.network/

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