Recruiting some buddies who enjoy writing blogs!

Whenever I have free time, I like to use other people's blog links as a friendly spider to explore everywhere.

It feels like those who use Typecho are truly pure website owners who love writing blog posts.

That feeling of doing a website not for profit but for interest is really great, without worrying about SEO or traffic issues.

But most authors can't persist, their websites can't be accessed, or various exceptions occur.

This blog came out in 20XX, and for a while, there was no management of data and the domain name expired.

Now it's different, the domain name has been renewed for several years, and I have stored balances in many platform accounts for server expenses.

It's enough for me to build a medium-sized website and tinker for several years. In fact, I have enough with a 1h1g server.

Currently using a 4h4g server, the connection is also good, but I like to use CF's CDN. The daily usage rate of the server is less than 5%.

Originally, I wanted to create a free virtual host and gather people who want to write blogs for a long time like me. I would sponsor the server!

But unfortunately, I am lazy, and I am afraid of losing other people's data or someone causing trouble.

And I want to do it the best, such as various extension functions, website firewalls, etc... So I gave up on this idea.

If anyone wants to join my group and write blogs for a long time, please leave a comment with your contact information and migrate your blog to my server.

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