Short video drives traffic to Wuhan Dongdong Voice "sky-high" selling movies.

When it comes to the fastest and most profitable content for short video platforms, there is no doubt about the "adult content".

I am writing this article based on personal experience. Around 2022/03/22/22:40 until 23:20, I figured out the entire industry chain of adult content inducement on Dongdong Voice, a short video platform.

First, while watching videos on a certain short video platform, I entered a live streaming room. Then, a beautiful female anchor used ambiguous language, which immediately made me think of non-standard live streaming.

I noticed that there was an avatar on the leaderboard, and the profile introduced a QQ group. I thought that joining this QQ group would help with the promotion. However, the group turned out to be full of links to adult content.

I left the group in a hurry and forgot to take screenshots as evidence.

But that's not the main point. The main point is the QQ group QR code that the anchor revealed before ending the live stream.

WeChat Image Edit_20220302232803.jpg

After joining the QQ group, a bot started promoting and diverting traffic to Wuhan Dongdong Voice. (It seems intentional because when I entered, I randomly clicked on a room, and it was a room number in the QQ group.)

I originally thought it would be an app that would access contacts and albums or simply a platform for adult content.

Unexpectedly, it directly diverted to a domestic platform. In the voice chat room, the host used ambiguous language to induce users, saying that only adults could play a certain game and that to prevent minors from entering, they needed to give gifts to enter the group.

So, I spent 18 yuan to buy gifts, joined the QQ group, and thought it should end here.

But there was more. Each user on the voice chat had to introduce themselves loudly, and then they would post some slightly revealing photos in the group.




Looking at the pictures, it directly mentioned the arrangement of the show, where each origami crane costs 30 RMB. I don't know what else is involved, but it cost me a week's worth of living expenses for one origami crane.

I added the QQ of one of the girls on the stage and she sent me a few short videos. All of this cost me 48 yuan.

Currently, I did a simple calculation. After promoting the live stream in the QQ group and diverting to the voice platform, some people left after paying, and a few remained to pay.

When I entered the QQ group, there were twenty people, and at most, there were thirty-something people. In the voice chat room, I didn't see many people giving gifts. Some left the group, and then there were nine people including the group owner and administrators. Let's say that this wave brought in 20 people, which is 360 yuan. I only saw a few origami cranes, which adds up to 500 yuan. It seems that after this event, the on-stage anchors won't make much money.

Registered users don't have a withdrawal option. If the platform is not related to this industry chain, it is impossible for others to sell content without profit just for a special gift.

When I was wondering why they were diverting traffic back and forth, diluting the traffic and not making much money, I came across a report and video:

Husband spent over 10,000 yuan in half a year and couldn't resist wanting to spend more!: https://www.sohu.com/a/499689845_349247

My husband spent over 10,000 yuan in this app: https://haokan.baidu.com/v?pd=wisenatural&vid=13201559478633145490

Then I found a complaint on Black Cat: https://tousu.sina.com.cn/complaint/view/17354800657/

First, they select high-quality customers and slowly exploit them. They would rather deal with millions of poor people than one rich and lustful fool.

I believe there is much more to this than meets the eye, but I don't have the time to investigate further. After all, my wallet can't handle it!!!

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