I will never trust RackNerd again.

At the beginning, when I didn't have money to build a website, I used a small water pipe from Hong Kong 3m. Later on, things got better and I switched to using BandwagonHost's US CN2 VIG. Then, I got into Vultr, and now RackNerd.

I have used many different server providers, and RackNerd is the only one with so many issues. At first, I didn't think RAKsmart was good, so I tested it and requested a refund.

Not only can you not get a refund for RackNerd purchases, but the machines also have random faults. I remember last year when I was using a Vultr server that cost over $700 a month. I thought the cost was a bit high, so I switched to buying a 3970x server from RackNerd. It ran smoothly for over ten days, but then suddenly it had a malfunction. I submitted a ticket and they said the kernel was damaged, so the server needed to be reinstalled.

At that time, I thought it might have been because of the BBR installation, so I didn't blame them. This year, I continued to use the 3970x server. It ran smoothly for the first two months, but then it started automatically restarting every few days. At first, I didn't pay much attention to it because I had a large database, and I would manually restart the database.

Later on, I bought another server with the same configuration and migrated the server when I had the time.

Suddenly, a few days ago, this new server started restarting like crazy. If I restarted it from the console, it would automatically restart again after a while. I decided to purchase a new server from Vultr and deploy it there.

Since I have one main server and one load balancer, the two servers must be in the same region to minimize latency. So, I continued to buy servers from RackNerd in the same region as Vultr, but every other day, the servers would be inaccessible for a few minutes.

I really couldn't figure out what was going on. If it was just the main server having abnormal restarts, I could understand that it might have been infected with a virus. But what about the load balancer server? I installed Nginx and set up a reverse proxy. Also, when I was using RackNerd as the main server, I also bought the load balancer server from them, and it was always stable.

It was very frustrating because RackNerd kept restarting like crazy. During that time, the server was inaccessible for several hours, causing a 20% drop in traffic. I was really upset, and now even the load balancer server is experiencing issues.

I just checked, and it seems that the crazy restart issue started on the 9th. After I redirected the traffic at noon, the server restarted 3 times on the 9th, 4 times on the 10th, and then it was quiet for a few days until it restarted 3 times on the 15th.

Oh, and RackNerd had a promotion where you could get a yearly machine for just over $20. I bought a few because the load balancer server I had before cost $130 or $140 per month. However, when I used these $20 servers, I experienced a lot of speed throttling and packet loss, even though it was communication within the same region in the US.

And it wasn't during peak hours. I bought several servers, so I switched to another one, but after a few days, I switched back to the server with speed throttling and packet loss, and it still didn't work.

As I was writing about when the restarts occurred, the server restarted a few more times. I checked it directly, and it said that the 3970x server restarted again.


AMD Ryzen/EPYC Dedicated Servers

The 3970x server has abnormal restarts, and even with a new server, the issue persists. It's probably a hardware problem.

Dedicated Servers

Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 | 16GB RAM | 480 GB SSD - I purchased this configuration, and there were no issues during usage. I set it up as a reverse proxy.

Hybrid Dedicated Servers

Dual E5-2690 | 16 GB RAM - I purchased this configuration, and the server randomly becomes inaccessible for a few minutes, then returns to normal.


I purchased several yearly servers, but they experienced speed throttling and packet loss, even when communicating within the same region.

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