How to safely wash U-mixed coins, safe methods for washing U and withdrawing funds.

This article is not an advertisement, just a simple record providing a train of thought. Virtual currency is decentralized, but once it enters an exchange, it becomes centralized.
I don't know when I started to admire anonymous internet browsing. I have started to consciously avoid centralized things or increase the difficulty of tracking through certain means!

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Preface: I don't understand mixing coin technology and virtual currency on-chain tracking technology, this is for reference only!


Cross-Chain Mixing#

Cross-chain mixing is the process of converting U on the TRC20 chain to the ERC20 chain. In simple terms, it means converting USDT on the Tron network to Ethereum or Bitcoin, or USDT on the Binance Smart Chain.

Cross-chain mixing is also known as cross-chain exchange, and many wallets have this function. It allows you to exchange coins on different chains for the same or different coins on the same or different chains. For example, exchanging USDT on the Tron network for Ethereum, Ethereum for USDT on the Binance Smart Chain, and so on.

Cross-Chain Mixing

Through cross-chain exchange, you can exchange USDT for different coins and then exchange them back to USDT. From the perspective of the blockchain, it appears that you have transferred the coins to an address and there is no further interaction. Only you can see the movement of coins on other chains in your wallet. I'm not sure if it can be traced after the operation, but I can guarantee that it serves the purpose of obfuscation.


Nowadays, most wallets have cross-chain exchange functionality, and wallets provide you with some mnemonic words during the generation process, which allows you to use different chains.
I don't know if this will be associated with tracking, but for caution, you can use the PHP code below to randomly generate a wallet private key.

// Generate a random 32-byte string
$private_key = bin2hex(random_bytes(32));

// Output the generated private key
echo $private_key;

The generated private key can be used on the TRC20 and ERC20 chains, and other chains can be tested by yourself! Use the generated wallet for cross-chain exchange and finally transfer the coins to an exchange for withdrawal!

Mixing Service#

There used to be a well-known mixing service, but it is now closed. However, when one closes, there will definitely be newcomers to fill the market gap.
I recommend one that I have used: https://mixing.cash/


The principle is similar to cross-chain exchange, but I'm not sure if cross-chain exchange operates through smart contracts.
However, it has a great feature, which is the ability to convert USDT to XMR (Monero).

You can Google what Monero is. It emphasizes being untraceable and allows you to download the blockchain to your computer.
However, downloading and syncing are very slow. You can directly use this tool to convert XMR to an exchange!

This article is not an advertisement. Please control the amount of exchange when using it.

Coin Running#

Similar to point running, although it is easy to understand, it still requires some technical means to be the fastest and most convenient. You need to start planning and prepare multiple wallets when receiving U.

Different wallets should be used for receiving payments, and after receiving U, perform cross-chain exchange in multiple wallets, simulate real transactions within different exchanges, and perform U deposits and withdrawals. By following these steps and mixing operations, you can confuse the movement of U coins. The core concept is similar to point running, simulating the circulation of currency in real transactions and creating a complex network of transactions to obfuscate the movement of coins.

Of course, the loss is definitely significant, and the operation requires a certain level of technical ability to accomplish.

For encrypted currency washing, please identifyTelegram@A7_188

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