hideipnetwork-web is an online proxy program based on Node.js + service workers.

title: 'hideipnetwork-web Node.js + services workers online proxy program'
date: 2023-01-01 01:08:11
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GitHub: https://github.com/Hideipnetwork/hideipnetwork-web

After testing, it can perfectly proxy YouTube, and the author also tested that it can log in to Google accounts.

I used Cloudflare's Pages + Workers + KV to build the test.

First, create a KV with the name: BARE (it must be this name!)

Then create a Workers binding KV bucket with the variable name: BARE

Then open: workers-bare.js and copy the content inside, deploy it to Workers.

Then bind a custom domain to Workers!

Download the project, open server/server.config.js, and edit the fourth line: const BAREURL =

Fill in the domain name you bound to Workers here.

Compress it, create a Pages, upload the compressed package and deploy it.

Then bind Pages to Workers, with the variable name: BARE.

Just bind a domain name to Pages. I simulated the speed of watching YouTube on the network behind the Great Firewall and it is still good.

In theory, it can proxy any website.

Author's demo: https://hideip.network/

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