A problem has been bothering me all day.

When using JumpServer, there is no function to clean logs in the web interface.

But I wanted to clean these logs, so I tried to connect to the MySQL database of JumpServer locally.

I couldn't connect, even after allowing the port and remapping it. Then I thought about not using the one-click installation, and instead installed MySQL and Redis step by step as external services.

Later, I found that I could successfully connect to MySQL, but Redis couldn't run.

So I set MySQL as an external service and Redis as an internal service. It could run, but the web terminal couldn't connect to the server.

Then I found that I could connect to MySQL through the IP of the JumpServer gateway.

So I installed Baota, added a remote database, and added the database under the JumpServer application.

Then I installed phpMyAdmin to try to connect, but I still couldn't connect. Surprisingly, I could connect using the phpMyAdmin installed by Baota.

I used different methods on two servers, both using Docker to install phpMyAdmin.

Currently, I have found a solution just to clean the logs in the database. It took me a whole day to troubleshoot.

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