Fixed a small issue with the blog.

I previously applied for a friendly link, and then there were several articles displayed separately on the homepage, but there was no pagination function.

So I added a pagination: https://a8dog.com/111.html

This is the first modification I made to the template. These days, when I was writing scripts, I found that the typewriter effect on the blog homepage was not working.

The reason is that the API for getting daily quotes is down. Then I saw a blog: https://www.80srz.com/ which is similar to this template.

Originally, I wanted to copy a file directly from the author's blog and paste it, but I thought it would be too troublesome.

So I decided to do it myself, deleting and modifying, and then fixing the text of the typewriter on the homepage.

When I added pagination before, I found that when I reached the second page or a certain number of pages, the typewriter effect in the navigation bar was not displayed.

At first, I didn't pay much attention to it. Today, I compared the source code of the above blog and found a line that specifies that it should only be displayed on the homepage.

These days have been quite fulfilling, finding things to do and tinker with, which has also added some fun to my boring life.

By the way, I used to like using desktop computers at first, and then I started using laptops when I started working.

I used a Windows laptop before, and I was used to a high-profile keyboard. The keyboard on the laptop was simply not comfortable for me.

For someone like me who only likes to copy and paste, the operation is not friendly at all.

After using a Windows laptop for a few months, I switched to a Mac computer, and I still habitually use it with an external keyboard.

This has been going on for several years, and now I am always on the move, it is really inconvenient to carry a keyboard around every day.

Recently, I have been using the native keyboard of the Mac to type, and I don't know if it's because I don't like the keyboard or if there is a problem with my typing style.

I make a lot of typos, and it's not smooth or coherent at all. It just so happens that I can exercise a bit by finishing this aside.

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