I wrote a comprehensive A8dog - Linux toolbox out of boredom.

No technical content, purely for self-entertainment. Please don't criticize or laugh! I stayed up all night and didn't know what to do. Lately, I've been staying up late every day until morning before going to sleep. I watch YouTube videos and see what interesting things I can deploy on Docker.

Then I had a sudden idea to write a Linux script for myself because I find it too troublesome to remember some Linux commands. For example, when I discover an interesting project, I record the deployment operations as a one-click script. The next time I need to use it, I can just run it and have fun.

Installation Script:#

Please download the script to experience its specific functions. It's too troublesome for me to upload new screenshots and feature introductions every time I update it. I won't upload them again after this update. Please switch to the root user before using it, otherwise it won't work properly.

wget -O a8dog.sh https://i.a8dog.com/sh/a8dog.sh && chmod +x a8dog.sh && clear && ./a8dog.sh

For future use, simply execute:


Version Updates:#


Fixed and optimized a few minor issues, and added a toolbox. Integrated the two previous jump servers.


Integrated a toolbox, added features, and optimized the user experience!


Added 8 features and integrated a toolbox.


Continued to add several features, not sure if it's because the daytime network is slightly better or because I set up the jump server, but the test server connection has been stable. Will continue testing at night.


Integrated: https://a8dog.com/165.html.


  1. Added new features
  2. Added a script like mine

I'm always most enthusiastic at the beginning of tinkering with something, hoping this enthusiasm can last.


  1. Added some common web commands
  2. Added server benchmarking script
  3. Added one-click software source replacement

Just did it according to my own preferences, I should stop updating here today.


  1. Added some new features
  2. Added new categories to consolidate functions

Please download and experience it for specific details. I've forgotten what I've done with all the deletions and modifications.


  1. Added some Baota installations and disk mounting in different environments.
  2. Some simple details optimization.

It's now 8 AM, and when I first wrote the script, the Baota official website had a 404 error. Also, there were communication issues with installing the Baota CentOS panel, and it wasn't successfully tested. The Baota Ubuntu panel installation went smoothly. I'll restart the server and test it again when I wake up from sleep.

v1.24(Release Version)#

Prototype appeared, added some simple necessary functions.

  1. Baota installation and uninstallation
  2. BBR installation script
  3. Nginx and MySQL start, stop, and restart.
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