Changed blog server again

Previously, the server was causing the website to be inaccessible: https://a8dog.com/88.html

Since then, the server has had a 10% performance consumption even when idle, which is abnormal compared to the previous 0-2% consumption.

I checked the running tasks and didn't find any abnormalities, and the disk IO of this service provider is really low.

The 4h4g server is more than enough for my small blog, and I was planning to use the remaining performance to run some small Docker projects.

But due to performance, network, and IO reasons, I decided to run them on a local virtual machine.

I previously changed the server with block storage: https://a8dog.com/139.html, which reduced the server cost a bit.

I decided to change the blog server to 1h1g, it's fine to run just a small blog on it.

There is still over four hundred dollars on this 4h4g server, and I'm thinking of using it to purchase a Hong Kong server for my own CDN.

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