Both domestic and foreign companies claim to protect privacy, so why is there no end-to-end encrypted messaging software in China?

Title: "Why is there no end-to-end encrypted chat software in China, despite both domestic and foreign companies claiming to protect privacy?"
Date: 2022-11-29 20:25:11
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To be honest, it's terrifying. Many years ago, these big companies started collecting user information, and all of your information is stored on their servers, regardless of what it is.

Just like how QQ keeps your historical avatars, they also keep them.

They say WeChat doesn't store chat records, but on the dark web, you can buy your WeChat chat history from the past two years for a price.

This is not a baseless rumor; I have a friend who has personally experienced it.

What's even more terrifying is that they can monitor your WeChat conversations, just like using WeChat normally, and see your chats with others clearly.

I really like using these end-to-end encrypted chat software now.

In China, using end-to-end encryption technology is prohibited by policy, and it is considered illegal.

It's also impossible to find an end-to-end encrypted chat software that doesn't require bypassing the Great Firewall in China.

Sigh, it's just very frustrating.

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