Like Girl, a couple's homepage PHP program.

I previously made a single page: https://a8dog.com/132.html

It's relatively simple, without any extra features. Just yesterday, while surfing the internet, I came across a couple homepage program that I really liked the UI of.

Project homepage: https://blog.kikiw.cn/index.php/archives/43/

I set it up and tested it, but some of the features are a bit redundant.

For example, the part where it gets the IP and blocks the IP, and I also found a bug where the page gets slower with each new comment on the message board.

I set it up in the early morning and sent an email to the author for feedback, but it was useless. Today, I found the reason.

It affects line 53 of /leaving.php, and there's a similar situation in the backend at line 105 of admin/leavSet.php.

After deleting it, everything was resolved smoothly. It's still pretty good after streamlining.

There's also one more issue. /css/leaving.css calls an image that belongs to the author and has hotlink protection enabled, so you need to replace it yourself.

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