The road to reinstallation is too difficult.

Yesterday, I restarted because I wanted to set up a mail server myself and wanted to install Redis as a supporting environment.

However, the installation of Redis failed. Repairing the Baota panel was ineffective, and updating the Baota panel was also ineffective.

After restarting the server, the CPU usage remained high. Normally, my CPU usage is 0.

This made me feel abnormal. Redis still couldn't be installed, and I had a hard time finding other solutions.

Because I had encountered a situation before where the server couldn't be accessed, please see: https://a8dog.com/88.html

So I decided to reinstall after waking up and shut down the server directly.

The next day, I backed up the data and reinstalled the server. (This service provider's server reinstallation is particularly slow.)

Then I installed Baota, and the file download was also very slow, and the compilation environment was also very slow.

In short, everything was slow. After successfully installing, the installation of LNMP was also very slow. After a lot of effort, when it was finally installed, some functions of Baota were abnormal.

The situation of high CPU usage still persisted, so I reinstalled again.

It was another extremely long wait for installation, and then I installed the mail server plugin. Not only was the download slow, but after waiting for it to complete, it gave an error.

I tried to fix it based on the error, but it still didn't work. I gave up, and currently, the CPU usage problem still exists.

I thought about changing to another server, but deploying this server was also very slow. If it weren't for having several hundred dollars in this service provider account.

I would have switched service providers directly. Today, I wasted too much time on downloading and compiling the environment. It was a frustrating day...

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