My online proxy homepage source code

The address I built myself: https://proxy.a8dog.com

Setup tutorial: https://a8dog.com/112.html

Modified based on a simple navigation, GitHub: https://github.com/5iux/sou/

Then I removed the weather plugin and random background image, and changed the logo to DuckDuckGo.

The default search engine Google has also been changed to DuckDuckGo because Google is completely unusable with this proxy service.

Just now, when I accessed my website on my phone, I saw a comment that I wanted, so I packaged it. (By the way, I fixed the issue where the logo was not fully displayed on mobile.)

If I update it myself, I will also synchronize the update on this page.

Download link: Click here to download

Instructions: Upload the source code to the server, and then search for www.netptop.com in the worker.js file and replace it with your domain name.

Then I found a search bug when switching to DuckDuckGo search.

Coincidentally, I am online now, so I will study whether to switch to another search engine or not.

The aforementioned comments from netizens are the first comment I received, and I believe there will be more comments from netizens in the future.

I also built my own post office to receive email notifications for comment replies.

Ownership of this post data is guaranteed by blockchain and smart contracts to the creator alone.