Build your own online proxy.

Utilizing the previously released siteproxy: https://a8dog.com/6.html

I have always used Cloudflare Worker for deployment, previously for convenience when needed.

Recently, I discovered that the worker.js file has been updated. Previously, direct access to YouTube playback was not possible, and it could only be played through an embedded player.

This issue has now been fixed, and I have also discovered that I can customize the homepage.

Tutorial Start#

Visit GitHub to download the JavaScript file: https://github.com/netptop/siteproxy/tree/master/build

Open the Cloudflare official website and log in to your account. Find the worker section and add a new service. Click on "Quick Edit".

Paste the JavaScript file into the editor and search for "siteproxy.netptop.workers.dev" to replace it with your own domain.

Worker - Triggers - Custom Domain (you can add a custom domain to your service so you don't have to use the default Cloudflare domain. Note: Your domain must already be hosted on Cloudflare.)

Then search for "www.netptop.com" and replace it with the domain you want to display as your homepage. For example, if you replace it with "www.baidu.com", opening this proxy service will display the Baidu homepage.

This way, you can create your own homepage and replace it to achieve a customized homepage effect. (Initially, I wanted to add password access for myself.)

Also, note that this proxy can only proxy absolute paths. When creating your own homepage, make sure the JavaScript and CSS files have absolute paths, otherwise, errors will occur.

Once you have completed the above steps, your setup is successful. Here is the address of the proxy I set up: https://proxy.a8dog.com

Source code: https://a8dog.com/115.html

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